The information contained on this website is intended solely to provide general information about the products and services presented. This information does not constitute investment advice or a recommendation to buy; it cannot and is not intended to replace individual advice by persons qualified to provide such advice.

The sole basis for the purchase of investment units is the current sales documentation of the respective investment fund at the time of purchase, which consists of the key investor information, the sales prospectus, the general and special investment conditions contained in the sales prospectus, and the most recent annual report and any subsequent semi-annual report. The respective sales documents are available on this website in electronic form.

The information on this website is directed only at persons to whom it is lawful to make such information available. Accordingly, the information on this website is exclusively reserved for the group of investors who are entitled to purchase the products presented. In particular, the information contained on this website is not intended for U.S. citizens as defined in Regulation S of the U.S. Securities Act of 1933 and legal entities domiciled in the United States. Accordingly, in particular, the investment funds presented on the website are not offered in the US or to US persons. It is pointed out that in particular also their other transfer in the USA and to US persons is not permitted.

Unless otherwise stated, the information on past performance is based on the BVI method. This method assumes that distributed income is reinvested at the unit value without taking tax considerations into account. The performance of an investment fund calculated in this way does not generally correspond to the actual investment result. However, it does enable the management performance of different investment funds with a similar investment focus to be compared without being distorted by fee structure and tax effects.

Information on past performance does not permit forecasts for the future. The value of units and their income may fall as well as rise. Detailed risk information on the individual investment funds is contained in the respective detailed sales prospectus. Investors are expressly advised to read this risk information before making an investment decision.

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