LEHNER INVESTMENTS achieved significant breakthrough in their investment process based solely on Artificial Intelligence

LEHNER INVESTMENTS introduced a whole new type of investment strategy, based again on Artificial Intelligence, into its funds the last week of February 2022. This new strategy is a big milestone for the whole company such as an important basis for the investment process based on AI. The new artificial neural network strategy uses unlabeled data in an unsupervised learning approach to autonomously identify market anomalies.

The model highlights the degree to which it has or has not seen a pattern in equity markets before, thus defining a level of market uncertainty. The model’s predicted level of uncertainty in combination with volatility indicators form the basis of this strategy. To achieve this, the strategy links together price movements of markets around the globe to identify when markets are becoming decoupled. Taking live this new strategy forms an important milestone in the roadmap of the whole group. This strategy not only diversifies the previously used input data sets and makes use of new AI models but also runs on the backend version 2.0, internally called LEHNER INVESTMENTS TRADING SYSTEM (LITS).

These groundbreaking research results will have also a large impact on the investment strategy for our new crypto fund(s), which shall be launched within the next few months.

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