LEHNER INVESTMENTS and majority shareholder Markus Lehner will reduce their general appearance to increase focus

During the meeting with the Management as well as the Supervisory Board of LEHNER INVESTMENTS, two major strategic decisions were discussed. Firstly, the global positioning and secondly a more in-depth focus on existing business associates and funds while reducing the public presence. The company will focus especially on existing business partners, contacts, funds and projects instead of actively seeking new ones. This will be accompanied by a reduction in public appearances in relation to media and marketing activities such as marketing cooperation, events and social media appearances.

LEHNER INVESTMENTS aims to further improve the current service and performance in order to deepen and expand existing business relationships while maintaining the company’s global positioning in Digital Assets and Asset Management based on Artificial Intelligence. The existing business will be strengthened to guarantee LEHNER INVESTMENTS business partners, investors as well as associates the best possible results. The company has been focusing on quality over quantity for years and wants to exemplify this approach by focusing less on public appearances and more on further strengthening its own team as well as its technologies and performances.

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