LEHNER INVESTMENTS at the forefront of Digital Assets, entering the Crypto Currency universe with Artificial Intelligence

Digital Assets are constantly becoming more and more important and are already a main asset class in the investment industry. Indeed, the global Crypto Currency market capitalization exceeded USD 2.4 trillion in January 2022, hence the value has almost tripled in a year. That means that Crypto Currencies are worth almost the same as the market value of Apple.

The market is mainly driven by Bitcoin with 40% of the total Crypto Currency market capitalization, representing USD 817 billion (on January 20, 2021). The second Crypto, which is gaining massive weight, is Ethereum with 19% of the total market, in USD 386 billion. The third one with USD 78 billion is the Binance Coin, the coin from the exchange Binance.

Markus Lehner, Principal of LEHNER INVESTMENTS, has been passionated about technology and Artificial Intelligence for many years. That is also why he created a group of companies and funds using this forward-looking technology creating substantial advantages based on the combination of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Besides being aware that the use of Big Data technics has become more relevant than ever, we are always looking for new technologies and skills to develop even better management strategies and investment approaches for our funds. This is why we have substantially increased our capacities for Digital Assets and Crypto Currencies. 

We are attending conferences and talking to many people to expand our own knowledge, but also to share ideas and visions. For example, Markus Lehner recently got to meet Dr. Gavin Wood, co-founder of Ethereum and founder of Polkadot, as well as Guillaume Chatain, Head of Europe, Middle East and Africa at Coinbase, to hear the latest developments and trends in the Digital Assets space.

Dr. Gavin Wood, co-founder of Ethereum and founder of Polkadot and Markus Lehner
Guillaume Chatain, Head of Europe, Middle East and Africa at Coinbase and Markus Lehner

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