When it comes down to most investment processes LEHNER INVESTMENTS trusts Artificial Intelligence more than humans

The first LEHNER INVESTMENTS company was founded by Markus Lehner more than 30 years ago. Markus Lehner has a passion for technology and a strong belief, that computers can do many things better than humans. For this reason, he decided to use Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (“Data Intelligence”) as a forward-looking technology in the management of LEHNER INVESTMENTS funds years ago. Today, LEHNER INVESTMENTS is the market leader for investment funds managed exclusively by AI.

The performance of the funds is continuously improving. The fund’s management, as well as stock selection, is improving every day. Furthermore, LEHNER INVESTMENTS can rely on its Data Intelligence due to the following four factors:

  • Information: More and more information about stocks is available, which the Artificial Intelligence is reading and analyzing.
  • Technology: The technology behind AI is enhancing daily.
  • Team: The LEHNER INVESTMENTS team, mostly AI specialists and physicists, is learning and improving every day as well.
  • Artificial Intelligence: LEHNER INVESTMENTS’ AI is learning day and night, 24/7.
The importance of AI in asset management is growing, as computers are more efficient and better than humans at doing tasks such as crawling enormous amounts of data and information about global stocks in different languages. The AI is evaluating this information objectively in order to make investment decisions, as well as learning from the results in order to continuously improve further. This improvement is also shown in the performance of the LI DATA INTELLIGENCE GERMANY fund, as it has outperformed the DAX significantly in the last months.

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